About Flying W Awards

Founded in 1969 by Chuck and Linda Guedel, Flying W Awards has been a staple in our local community for decades. We take pride in our ability to meet our customer's deadlines while still providing the highest quality awards and service.

Flying W Awards was founded on the idea that hard work and commitment should be rewarded. From a child's first sports season to the company associate who has dedicated himself for years, we want to help memorialize and honor these moments. We recognize that no matter how big or small these achievements are, they are equally important to the ones who accomplished them. It is because of this that we made our pledge to deliver high quality and accurate awards. A pledge that has turned into a reputation we are proud of.

Fifty years later and Flying W Awards has been passed down a generation, from Chuck and Linda to their children, Christa and Christopher Guedel. While five decades have passed since Flying W Awards first opened its doors, the ideals and principles it was founded on remain timeless. Let us help you celebrate hard work and dedication that deserves to be rewarded.