Artwork may be provided as a hard copy, on a disc or via e-mail to [email protected] When emailing artwork, please mention your salesperson’s name as well as your company or organizational name.

Production delays occur when artwork is provided in the wrong format. Much time is lost in the effort to correct files submitted without following the guidelines below. Please ask your salesperson should you have any questions about the quality of your artwork or format requirements.

Artwork is only as good as you provide. Simply because your art file is in eps, jpeg or tif format does not guarantee it will be clean and usable. Faxed, internet and scanned artwork that has reproduced many times will not look it’s best without additional clean-up efforts. Please do not submit graphics taken from the internet as these are produced in a resolution (usually 96dpi) that is too low to reproduce attractively.

The preferred programs for your artwork should be saved in PC format for use in CorelDraw11. This includes extensions .eps, .jpg, .tif, .cdr. Resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% imprint size for best reproduction.


Convert all text to outlines or curves. Once that is done the text in your artwork can no longer be edited. If editing is required please include the font (True Type) with the file. Flying W Awards does not have every font available.


All files must be in PC format. Mac to PC converted files must have a file extension included n the file name. (File name .eps .tif)


When assigning color to art or text please use a pms color. This will work for process or spot colors. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed but the finished product will be as close as possible. Art files can be mailed on CD-Rom if desired. Do not send your original art file. Artwork cannot be returned.

Following these instructions does not guarantee the artwork will be acceptable. All artwork requiring clean-up or reproduction will be billed at $30.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour. There is no art charge for ready to work art provided by the customer.


All lettering on all awards ordered online is FREE!